Established in South Africa in 1992 and originally named "Stealth", the company specializes in the integration of all electronic systems. Our foundation products were in the CCTV field where we developed the "Stealth" Video Text Interface and Video Matrix Systems.

Over the years we have morphed into an "Internet of Things" (IoT) company. A Sunbird-IoT system uses field controllers to monitor sensors or drive control outputs to achieve the required task. These Sunbird-IoT controllers interface via the internet and Sunbird-Cloud to provide the required monitoring and control objective. The monitoring and control are performed by the user via our Smartphone or Desktop applications.

We define markets where there is a need for our products and develop the hardware and software accordingly.

Our Main-Line products are :

POS-MINER is one of our LEGACY products. This is not an IoT product :

An enterprise level data mining software package, which marries the data from retail "Point-Of-Sale", to the Cameras monitoring the cashier. 





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